Digital Marketing

     The objective of the promotion activities are used to reach more people and get quality deals from quality customers across the world or from targeted areas. Social promotions is an incredibly efficient way to reach customers. You can drive sales by reaching people who are interested in your business exactly where they're looking – on their phones, tablets and computers.

     We can create targeted adverts and offers for all the advertisements based on their age, interests, location and more. People visiting Facebook see the boosted posts and adverts along with stories from their family and friends. Get real results and understand what customers like.

    Online campaigns with ad budgets attract ‘n’ times the amount of entrants. Facebook has lots of options for advertisers of all skill levels. We would start with a promoted post about the products. They’re very easy to set up and can make budget effective. Refer to Facebook Insights usually the amount of people who are online do not differ too drastically day-to-day. So we’d go with the standard recommendation of weekend for important posts. It’s been proven that engagement rates are better towards the end of the week.

     We also promote brand and products in Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In and YouTube & Blogger. We're expert in creating animation videos by using third party tools. Promoting brands and products in those media are add-on-services and an optional for customers.

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